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Energy management

According to the Law "On energy saving and energy efficiency" dd January 13, 2012 Kazakhstani enterprises must establish, implement and organize energy management system according to the requirements of international standard on energy management ...



Renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan has huge renewable energy potential, in particular hydropower and wind, but, unfortunately, it is almost untapped...


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It is widely known that inefficient use of energy sources and rising energy prices lead to increased production costs. For the sustainable development of the company, along with improved productivity, a key focus is to reduce energy consumption of the company. Reducing production costs and costs for services, the company raises the level of competitiveness not only domestically, but also get an opportunity to enter the international market.

In general, the effect of energy saving can be achieved in two ways:

  • Implementation of the organizational and administrative measures,
  • Improving energy efficiency, that is, the implementation of technical measures.

Energy audit is the first step towards improving energy efficiency of the company. Energy audit is conducted to assess the level of efficiency of fuel and energy resources usage at the companies, assess the potential of energy efficiency, identify opportunities for resource conservation and development of measures for energy conservation and energy efficiency.

If you are interested in reducing the cost for energy resources, Energy Partner is a reliable partner in achieving your goal. Energy Partner has positioned itself as a business integrator in the field of energy efficiency, that is, our company is ready to develop for you energy efficiency solutions.

Moreover, for our clients, we select a variety of support tools from national and international programs, such as grants and subsidies, which significantly reduces the cost of our services for end users.

We collaborate with development institutions, with the leading international engineering and consulting companies, research centers, as well as with suppliers of energy efficient technologies. Highly skilled experts of our company and our partners are ready to conduct a comprehensive work to improve energy efficiency in your company.